Hello! Here’s a bit about me:

I was born and raised in Phoenix; inspired by its sunlight and the natural wonders Arizona has to offer. I am now a thoughtful, precise, and efficient freelance photographer currently based in Chicago. Photography is more than just the moment an image is captured; it’s also about everything beyond the edges of the frame and post-shoot details. I learned to cultivate this passion through the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, where I also learned archival and scanning practices at Alden Library’s Digital Initiatives. 

My aspiration is to create images that capture when light interacts with a subject to tell the perfect story, whether that is a person, plate of food, or stunning vista. i’m especially fascinated by some of the tiniest details and documenting them with macro photography. I also love shooting with film for personal use, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a great roll of film after eagerly waiting for the developing. In my free time, I enjoy the beauty of nature both grand and small, listening to my record collection, and petting my cat, Gloria. 

I am available for work both near and far as a photographer, digital tech, and photo assistant. For any inquiries, contact me through the form below.

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